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page 012

Tomorrow I'm taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, so this week's page is a bit early. Oh, and please remember, these are all works in progress... ^_^;

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So far so good... まだ大丈夫そう...

Ok, Here's the next update and the end of the "introduction."
I do want to mention that it's been brought to my attention that using Photoshop to copy and paste panels is a bit of a cheat. I must admit, I completely agree. However, in the interest of getting this thing done by the end of next April (my completely arbitrarily chosen deadline) I'm going to let it fly until I have the story all worked out and "finished."
Then, when I have more time I'll go back in and spice things up a bit more.
Anyway, I mention this because this weeks entry is full of copy and pasting. Sorry...


Sunday, October 24, 2010

It begins... 始まりました...

Ok, I don’t know why it took so long, but I’ve finally realized that the idea of writing a blog about making a comic without showing the comic itself is a bit ridiculous. There are some good blogs out there like that, succeeded with this approach (most notabley Project Waldo). But to be honest, I find talking about my process to be as much fun as pulling teeth. I would rather spend that time and energy working on the project itself.

But I would also like to build up an audience for myself as well. (What Jason Brubaker has done with his Remind site is incredible and inspiring). How can I do this?

...I don't know, but if I wait until I'm completely finished, I'll never get anything up here.

I know it's not ideal, but I think I'll try just updating when I can. Hopefully, this will allow me to both build an audience and get some feedback as well. I’m well enough along so far that even with my busy schedule (ie. job) I should be able to do about a page a week for a year or two until I finish (ie. between 52-104 pages). I’ve already got about 76 pages written and roughed and the first 30 or so pages are “finished.”

…but this is a work in progress and I have been going back to change things.

Let’s see what happens…

やっと分かりました。漫画を作ることについてのブログはその漫画自体がないと意味もないのです。そのやり方を使って、いいブログもあるけれども(例えば:Project Waldo)、でも実は、漫画を描くことについて書いているのは全然、楽しくありません(なんか、歯が抜けているって感じのようです)。そのエネルギーを漫画を描くことに使ったほうがずっといいと思っています。

でも、読者を増やしたいと思っていますので、(Jason BrubakerのREMINDサイトって)どうすればいいのでしょうか。





Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The idea (part two) 着想(第二)

The second reason I decided to start drawing a comic about my experiences in Japan is my girlfriend at the time (now wife). She encouraged me to write about myself one day when I was complaining that all the comic stories I was writing were all shallow and appealing to a narrow audience. She even drew me a sample of what she thought it should look like.

Amazing right? If she could do this in a day, surly I could do more if I put my mind to it.
I’m already pretty far along now and the problem of my stories being shallow and appealing to too narrow an audience still dog me but I’m trying…

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The idea. (part one) 着想(第一)

The idea to make a comic book about my experience in Japan has been floating around in the back of my head for a while now…

In fact ever since I decided to come over here I’ve been keeping a journal with the idea that it would help me in the future. (I even had a web site for a while too…).

But the truth is, I have lots of ideas and ambitions most of which amount to nothing. The reason I’ve decided to seriously pursue this one is... Actually, there are two:
でも、何もならない野望や着想は山ほどあります。なぜこの着想を真剣にやろうとしているというと… まあ、理由は二つ:

The first reason is I read the manga, essay; ダーリンは外国人. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it occurred to me I could probably quite easily do something similar from the opposite perspective. (Now that I’m a good way into the project I realize that it’s not easy at all, but the idea that it would be went a long way towards getting me started).

I’ll talk about the second reason next time…

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I’m back… (outline of project) 戻ったよ。(ポロジェクト・アウトライン)

Hello, Everyone. I’m back…
“Why?” you ask?
Well, I’ve started another project and decided to use this blog to chronicle it.

As you can see with the Momotaro comic I did before, I have a tendency to start projects that I don’t finish.
…well, actually, I did finish the Momotaro comic, but it is so embarrassing that I don’t want to post any more of it (at least, not until I have a chance to go over it once more and clean it up a bit.)

Anyway, back to the topic.

My new project is going to be an autobiographical comic covering my first five years in Japan. I’ve gotten far enough into it, that I feel it’s safe to go ahead and start blogging about it.

Watch this space in the next few weeks to find out more…

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Last Post.

This is it. a漫画アディクト is taking up too much of my time. Please go there if you want to see more of my art and such. Hopefully, I'll eventually get around to finishing Momotaro over there as well.

Thanks to everyone who checked this place out and the few of you who left comments. I'll see you all over at a漫画アディクト ;)

Friday, January 29, 2010