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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The idea. (part one) 着想(第一)

The idea to make a comic book about my experience in Japan has been floating around in the back of my head for a while now…

In fact ever since I decided to come over here I’ve been keeping a journal with the idea that it would help me in the future. (I even had a web site for a while too…).

But the truth is, I have lots of ideas and ambitions most of which amount to nothing. The reason I’ve decided to seriously pursue this one is... Actually, there are two:
でも、何もならない野望や着想は山ほどあります。なぜこの着想を真剣にやろうとしているというと… まあ、理由は二つ:

The first reason is I read the manga, essay; ダーリンは外国人. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it occurred to me I could probably quite easily do something similar from the opposite perspective. (Now that I’m a good way into the project I realize that it’s not easy at all, but the idea that it would be went a long way towards getting me started).

I’ll talk about the second reason next time…