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Friday, May 23, 2008

Translation bonus...

It`s no secret that I like manga.

Recently, in order to test my Japanese ability I thought it would be fun to try to translate some manga. This way I can read manga without feeling lazy because I`m "studying."

To start with I chose a short story by my favorite author Taiyo Matsumoto. This story appeared in an anthology of soccer stories put out by adidas. It has a cover by Otomo, and also features works by Terada, Inoue, Kamijo, etc. (the mere existence of such a product lets me know I`m still in the right country).

Anyway, this is a simple story but it was more difficult to translate than I thought it would be because it was written in the Mie dialect. I couldn`t have done this without the help of my Japanese teacher Mr. Tateno.





右から左、上から下に呼んでね。(reads from right to left, top to bottom).

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